08 October 2011

Numerical on work and energy for class 9

CBSE PHYSICS for class 9th 
1. A force of 10N causes a displacement or 2m in a body in its own direction. Calculate the work done by force. 20j)

2. How much force is applied on the body when 150joule of work is done in displacing the body through a distance of 10m in the direction of force?(15 N)

3. A body of 5kg raised to 2m find the work done(98j)

4. A work of 4900j is done on road of mass 50 kg to lift it to a certain height. Calculate the height through which the load is lifted. (10m)

5. An engine work 54,000J work by exerting a force of 6000N on it. What is the displacement of the force . (10m)

6. A force of 10N acting on a body at an angle of 600 with the horizontal direction displaces the body through a distance of 2m along the surface of a floor. Calculate the work done. Now let the force or pulling act on the body makes an angle of 300 with the horizontal. What is the value of the force to displace the body through 2m along the surface of the floor? (Cos60 =1/2.Cos 30 =√3/2 ans. 10 J, 5.78 N)

7. A force of 5N acting on body at angle of 300with the horizontal direction displace it horizontally through of distance of 6 m . Calculate the work done. (15√3 J)

8. A body of mass 2kg is moving with a speed of 20m/s Find the kinetic energy. (400J)

9. A moving body of 30kg has 60 J of KE. Calculate the speed.

10. A hammer of mass 1kg falls freely from a height of 2 m .Calculate (I) The velocity and (II) The ke. Of the hammer just before it touches the ground. Does the velocity of hammer depend on the mass of hammer? (6.26m-2 , 19.6 J )

11. Calculate the energy posses by a stone of mass 10kg kept at a height of 5m If 196x102 J of energy were used to raise a 40kg boy above the ground, how high would he be raised? (50m)

12. Calculate the change that should be affected in the velocity of a body to maintain the same KE , if mass of the body is increased to 4 times (half the original velocity)

13. A machine does 192 J of work in 240Sec. What is the power of the machine? (8w)

14. A weighting 50kg runs up a hill rising himself vertically 10m in 20Sec. Calculate power. given g=9.8m-1 (245w)

15. A rickshaw puller pulls the rickshaw by applying a force of 100 N. If the rickaw moves with constant velocity of 36 kmh-1. Find the power of rickshaw puller. (1000w)

16. A athlete weighing 60kg runs up a staircase having 10 steps each of 1m in 30 sec. Calculate power (g=8.8ms-1 200W)

17. The heart does 1.5 J of work in each heartbeat. How many times per minute does it beat if its power is 2watt? (80 times) hint: total work =p x t =120J , number times heartbeat in 1 min. =total work done / work done in each beat=120/1.5=80 times

18. Calculate the time taken 60 w bulb to consume 3000 J of energy . (50sec. )

19. A horse exert a force of 200N to pull the cart. If the horse cart system moves with velocity 36kmh-1 on the level road., then find the power of horse in term of horse power (1hp=746W) Ans. 2.68h.p

20. An electric kettle of 500W is used to heat water everyday for 2 hours . Calculate the number of unit of electrical energy consumed y it in 10 days. (ANS. 10 UNIT)

21. Calculate the cost of using a 2kwh immersion rod for heating water in a house for one hour each day for 60 days if the rate is Rs. 1.50 per unit kWh. (Rs. 180)

22. How many unit of energy will be consume by a 100 W refrigerator in 30 days , if it works for 16 hrs. Every day. {48kWh(unit)}

23. A 1000w oven is used everyday for 90 min. Calculate the unit of electrical energy oven consume in 30days. (45 unit.)

24. The power of a heart which beats 72 times in a minute is 1.2kW. Calculate the work done by heart for each beat. ( 1kJ)    By jsuniltutorial.weebly.com


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