24 November 2011

Reflection and Refraction FA3 Quiz for CBSE Class 10

1. Out of convex mirror and concave mirror, whose focus is situated behind the mirror?

2. For what position of an object, a concave mirror forms an enlarged virtual image?

3. If the focal length of a concave mirror is 25cm. What is its radius of curvature?

4. A ray of light falls on a mirror normally. What are the values of angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?

5. What is the focal length of a plane mirror?

6. Which spherical mirror is called a divergent mirror?

7. What is the angle of incidence, when a ray of light falls on the spherical mirror from its centre of curvature?

8. Name the type of mirror that always forms a virtual image for a real object?

9. State the relation between radius of curvature and focal length of spherical mirrors.

10. Which of the two is a diverging lens? Convex lens (or) Concave lens.

11. If an object is placed at a distance of 10cm in front of a plane mirror, how far would it be from its image?

12. Name the physical quantity which remains the same when light goes from one medium to another?

13. Define power of a lens.

14. Calculate the power of a convex lens of focal length 25cm?

15. Name the phenomenon responsible for the following affect.

16. Define Refractive Index:

17. Why is the convex lens also known as a converging lens?

18. Give the ratio of velocities of two light waves travelling is vacuum and having wave lengths 4000A0 and

19. For what angle of incidence, the lateral shift produced by parallel sided glass plate is zero?

20. What are the factors on which the lateral shift depends?

21. What is the power of a plane glass plate?

22. an object is placed at the focus of a concave lens. Where will its image be formed?

23. What is the unit of power of a lens?

24. Refractive index of media A,B,C and D are

A 1.54                               B 1.33                          C 1.46                    D 1.62
In which of the four media is the speed of light (i) Minimum (ii) Maximum.

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