09 June 2012

CBSE 6th Science:Living things and Non living things

Things, which do not grow, move, or respond are called non-living things.

Things that grow, breathe, and respond are called living things.


(a) All living things grow: Infant grows into a child, Plants grow from seeds, Puppies grow into dogs, and kittens grow into cats.

(b) All living things can move: Living things move from place to place in search of food is called Locomotion

(c) All living things need food to live: Living things eat food to get energy to live.

(d) All living things Respire: Living things eat and digest foods that get oxidized in body to release energy. This process is called Respiration. Respiration occurs inside body. Exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in living body is called breathing. Breathing occur outside the body. Plant breath through stomata and animal through nose. Small animal and microbes exchange gases by diffusion.

(e) All living things reproduce: Living things can produce young one of similar kinds. This process is called reproduction. Some animal give birth to young ones like dog, cow; Some animal lay eggs like bird, hen ; Plant grow from seeds ,stem and root etc.

(f) All living things respond: Living things can respond against touch, heat, light and gravity called stimulus. Change in our surrounding that make living things respond to them, are called stimuli. Touch me not plant show response to touch and its leaves hang down.

(g) All living things are made up of different kinds of cells. Group of cell is called tissue. Group of tissue is called organ. A group of organs is called organ system that work together to keep our body live.

(h) Living things excrete: Living Things throw waste outside body like sweat, urine, faeces. This process is called excretion. Plants excrete gum, leaves, latex etc

Q. What is habitat?

Answer: The surroundings where plants and animals live, is called their habitat. The presence of specific features, which enable a plant or an animal to live in particular habitat, is called adaptation.

Q. Which organism grow throw their lives

Ans: Plants

Q. What do living organism produce when oxygen combine with food?

Ans: Energy and carbon dioxide

Q. Name the process of giving out waste from body

Ans: Excretion

Q. What is the time within which a living stay alive?

Ans: life span

Q. what is by product of respiration?

Ans: Carbon dioxide

Q. what is similarity of cell and an atom of matter?

Ans: Both are structural units.

Q. Name a plant that shows response to stimulus?

Ans: Touch me not and sunflower

Q. State any two similarities between living and non living?

Ans: Both are made up of matter and have structural unit .

Q. what are the factors on which growth of living things depends on?

Ans: Growth in living things depends on: Food, climate, environment and life style

Q. List the way in which living and non living respond to external stimuli?

Ans: Living things respond to light, heat, smell, pain etc. We cry when any one prick to us. leaves of plant wither in hot day, Leaves and stem of plant grow towards light.non living thins change shape and size on heating or cooling.

Q. Discuss different way ways by which living things reproduce?

Ans: See topic: All living things reproduce

Q. How can you prove that CO2 is by product of respiration?

Ans: We take lime water Ca (OH)2 in a beaker. Blow some air to mouth though a straw. Lime tun milky that shows presence of carbon dioxide.

Q. Why do root of plant grow in soil?

Ans: Root of plant show response to the earth gravity and grow in soil to get water and mineral.

Q. Fire –consume oxygen, moves from one place to other and respond to stimuli. Is fire living .Justify

Ans: no fire is not living things as it is not made up of living cells

Q. On what factors weather forecasting is done?

Ans: Climate , Distance from sun, wind speed any thousands of other factors

Q. How does exchange of gases take place in an earthworm?

Ans: Exchange of gases in an earthworm takes place through its moist skin.

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