16 June 2012

CBSE Class IX Sample Papers of Biology 2012-2013

CBSE Biology                    CBSE GUESS BIOLOGY TERM-1

1.Q. What is Vermicompost? 1
2. Q. How does cork act as a protective tissue?  2
3. Q. State any two reasons for plant cells to have large central vacuole.  2
4. Q. Draw diagram of a neuron showing nucleus and cell body.  2
5..Give the functions of the following organelles in a cell. (i) Chloroplast    (ii) Nucleus 2
6.Q .Draw labeled diagrams to show the difference between the structures of any two types of muscle fibers. 3
7. Q. What is meant by bee-keeping?  Name: 
(a) The variety commonly used for commercial honey production.
(b) The variety having high honey collection capacity. State how pasturage is related to honey production. 3
8. Q. What are weeds?   Why is removal of weeds essential?   Name any two measures of weed control.3
9. Q. (a) List any six functions of nucleus of a cell. 5
(b) What is stratified squalors epithelium? State its function.
10. Q. Answer these questions
(a) Name the type of tissue whose cells are filled with fat globules. State its function.
(b) Write in tabular form three differences between a plant cell and an animal cell. 5

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