03 July 2014

X CBSE Physics Guess Paper Solved Ch.Magnetic effects of currents

1. A magnetic compass shows a deflection when placed near a current carrying wire. How will the deflection of the compass get affected if the current in the wire is increased? Support your answer with a reason.
Answer:   The deflection increases. The strength of magnetic field is directly proportional to the magnitude of current passing through the straight conductor.
2.  Meena draws magnetic field lines of field close to the axis of a current carrying circular loop. As she moves away from the centre of the circular loop she observes that the lines keep on diverging. How will you explain her observation
Answer:  Strength of the magnetic field falls as distance increases. This is I indicated by the decrease in degree of closeness of the lines of field.
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X- Guess Questions solved SA-1: Magnetic effects of currents

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