30 January 2013

10th (X) FA-Test Paper - Reflection and refraction MCQ

Multiple Choice Questions : Reflection and Refraction
1. A ray of light strikes the surface of mirror at an angle of 300 with the mirror. The angle of reflection is:
(a)  300                                 (b) 600                  (c) 450                  (d) none.
2.  An object 20cm high is placed at a distance of 100 cm from a plane mirror .The size of the image will be.
(a)  20 cm        (b)  40cm                     (c)  10cm                                 (d)  100cm
3. Velocity of light in vacuum is
(a)3×108 cm/s    (b) 3×108 km/s    (c)3×108m/s    (d)none of these
4. A concave mirror is a part of a sphere of radius 30cm.It’s focal length is
(a) at infinity       (b)10cm              (c)15cm                (d)60cm
5 . Magnification produced by a plane mirror is
(a)-1                             (b) zero                        (c) +1                           (d) infinity
6 . Mirror used for focusing light is
(a)Concave      (b) Convex      (c) plane                      (d) none
7. A concave mirror forms a real and enlarged image of an object if the object is placed at/between
(a) 2F               (b) F                            (c)F and C                   (d)F and P
8. Focal length of a plane mirror is
a)    zero( b)infinity(c)double of its aperture (d)half of its aperture
9. When a ray of light is incident normally, the angle of incidence is
(a) 900                  (b) 0                             (c) 450                  (d) none
10.  A stick in water appears broken due to
(a)reflection of light (b) refraction of light (c) total internal reflection (d) none of these
11.  If angle of incidence is 00 then angle of reflection is
(a) 900                  (b) 00                                    (c)450                   (d)600
12. Refractive index of diamond with respect to vacuum is 2.5, then the velocity of light in diamond is.
(a) 25×108 m/s (b)2.5×108         m/s         (c)1.2×108          m/s         (d)2.1×108m/s
13. Velocity of light in diamond is
(a)2.1×108       (b)1.2×108                         (c)1.5×108                          (d)2.5×108
14.  When a ray goes from an optically rarer medium to a denser medium, it
(a)  goes straight                                              (b)bends away from normal
(c) bends towards normal                                (d) reflect back
15.  Lateral displacement is directly proportional to:
(a) Angle of incidence                                                (b) angle of refraction
(c) Thickness of the slab                                             (d) velocity of light
16.To a fish, the plane surface of earth appears to be enclosed within an angle of
(a)600                   (b)1800                                (c)970               (d)450
17.  Power of a lens is 2D, it’s focal length is
(a)-0.5 m                      (b)50 cm                      (c)150cm                     (d)50m
18.  The splitting of light into its component colors is called
(a) refraction   (b)spectrum     (c) dispersion   (d)diffraction
19. A drop of water appears like pearl due to
(a)refraction (b) none (c)reflection (d) total internal reflection
20.  curvature of a plane glass is
(a)infinity                    (b)zero                         (c) equal to C        (d)none

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