21 April 2014

Trend Setter Chapter Electricity numerical Problems for class 10 CBSE

1. How much work is done in moving a charge of 2 C across two points having a potentialdifference of 12 V?

2. A wire of resistance R is cut into five equal pieces. These five pieces of wire are then connected in parallel. If the resultant resistance of this combination be R then the ratio of resultant to the original will be?

3. A radio set draws a current of 0.36 A for 15 minutes. Calculate the amount of electriccharge that flows through the circuit.

4. Potential difference between two points of a wire carrying 2 ampere current is 0.1 volt.Calculate the resistance between these points.

5. A simple electric circuit has a 24 V battery and a resistor of 60 ohms. What will be the current in the circuit? The resistance of the connecting wires is negligible.

6.Find resistance between A and B in following network

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