02 July 2011

CBSE Test Papers for Class 9th(IX) Chapter Gravitation

MCQ: 1 Mark Questions By Jsunil
1. Even though stone also attracts earth towards itself, earth does not move
(a) Because of greater mass of earth   (b) Because of lesser mass of stone
(c) Force exerted by stone is less        (d) Force exerted earth is large
2. The weight of an object is :-
(a) Greater on earth and lesser on Moon  (b) Lesser on earth and Greater on earth
(c) Equal on both earth and Moon            (d) None of these
3. Weight of an object has S.I, unit of :- 
(a) Newton                                                 (b) kg 
(c) N/Kg                                                     (d) Kg/N
4. Which of the statements is correct?
(a) Mass is constant and weight is variable   (c) Both Mass and weight are variable
(b) Mass is variable and weight is constant. (d) Both Mass and weight are constant.
2 Mark Questions
5. State the Universal law of Gravitation?
6. If heavier bodies are attracted more strongly by the earth, why do they not fall faster to the ground?
7. State Archimedes Principle?
8. A stone is dropped from the edge of the roof. It passes a window 2m high is 0.1 s.How far is the roof above the window? 
3  Mark Questions 
9. The radius of earth is 6370Km and of mars is 3400 Km. If an object weighs 200N or earth, what will be its weight on mars. The mass of mars is 0.11 that of earth.
10. Determine the value and units of universal Gravitational constant, G?
11. What is the up thrust experienced by a cube of edge – length 5cm made of iron when completely immersed in ethanol of density 0.8 g/cm3 
12. A stone is dropped from a height of 50m on earth. At the same time, another stone  is thrown vertically upwards from the ground with a velocity up wards from the ground with a velocity of 50m/s. At what height from the ground will the two stones meet (g = -10 m/s2)

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