02 July 2011


IX-Gravitation :Important Question for SA-I
 1. What The earth attracted to each other by gravitational force. Does the earth attract the moon, with a force that is greater, or smaller, or the force with which the moon attracts the earth? Why?
 2. The earth attracts the moon. Does the moon attract the earth? If it does, why does the earth not move towards the moon?
 3. How are ocean tides caused?
 4. What do we call the gravitational force between the earth and your body?
 5. The earth attracts an apple. Does the apple also attract the earth? If it does, why does the earth not move towards the apple?
 6. Is the gravitational acceleration independent of mass? Name the experiment which concluded this?
 7. Where do we observe the maximum value of the gravitational acceleration? Equator, poles or Mt Everest?
 8. You must have seen two types of balances, one is the spring balance and the other is the one with the kabadiwalas. Which one of it would you use to measure the mass of an object? Why?
 9. Why does a buffalo float on the river but not the man?
 10. Why does ice float on the water?
 11. Why does a ship made up of iron floats but the iron sinks?
 12. How do submarines float or sink as desired?
 13. Why does a mug full of water appear lighter inside the water?
 14. A dead body floats in water with its head immersed in water. Explain?
 15. In what direction does the buoyant force on an object, due to liquid act?
 16. Why does a block of plastic piece left under water cone to the surface of water?

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